Our mission is to serve and represent the hospitality industry within the Municipality of Anchorage. Collaborate with responsible members, stakeholders, and businesses as a vital part of the community.


Anchorage CHARR is a united financially sound organization committed to protect, foster, and grow the hospitality industry locally, which serves a strong membership and fosters a positive relationship with the Anchorage community.

Welcome to the Anchorage CHARR

Becoming a member or staying current with your Anchorage CHARR membership is vital in helping you as a business owner protect your business by participating in programs set up to connect you with your legislators. You are the constituents that legislators will listen and respond to when hard decisions are being made in Juneau.

Anchorage CHARR wants to be able to mobilize our members quickly, to do so we need you to do your part. Visit our membership page for signup forms. Please take a few minutes print and fill out the membership form and fax it back to Anchorage CHARR at 907-646-4028.

"All politics is local." (Tip O'Neil, Congressional Speaker of the House, 2005)

This is critical to remember as we strive for a pro-business agenda in Juneau and work even harder to prevent legislation from passing that may propose to lower BAC, shorten bar hours, increase taxes and further regulate your business.

Contact Us

610 "C" Street, Suit B1
Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: 907-646-4628

Fax: 907-646-4028

Silvia Villamides-- Executive Director

email: anchoragecharr@gci.net